New AHCA Data Validation Tool

The AHCA Data Validator verifies a hospital’s ICD-10 Health Care Data prior to submitting it to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. Using our application prior to submitting data to AHCA reduces the time spent in the submission process, minimizes resubmissions, and results in more accurate data. This product provides the following time saving functions:

  • Validates demographics and checks for consistency between data elements
  • Correct errors prior to submission
  • Validates ICD-10 coding against code dictionary and patient demographics
  • Reports errors to an Excel file, which can be easily sorted & distributed to responsible parties
  • Easy Execution; Just Point and Click
  • Runs in the Background so you can continue working

 The AHCA Data Validator is a windows based tool, designed with HIPAA compliance as a top consideration. The program is loaded on a user workstation and features an easy to use interface, comprehensive error reporting and all data stays within the hospital environment at all times.

Contact us for more information at 1-877-470-6698 or send us an email.